Ride Sims 2.0

Ride Sims 2.0

In 2019 komt Ride Sims terug! Na een aantal jaar van afwezigheid komen ze weer terug met nieuwe simulaties! Je kan ze volgen via Facebook.

Je kan Ride Sims kennen van een aantal 2D simulaties, zoals de Smiler. Volgend jaar komen ze terug met nieuwe uitdagingen en nieuwe simulaties.

Ride Sims 2.0 will bring new sims and NEW CHALLENGES!
We know that with Ride Sims V1.0, to get onto the leader boards really came down to how long you played for. So we wanted to add more challenge for our operators. Along with your usual score, you will be able to compete for the highest hourly peep through-put.

There will also be unique challenges for each sim where you can unlock challenge award badges for your profile based on session and all time total challenge values! Pretty cool huh? There will be 46 challenge awards available to unlock when we launch and many more to be added!

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